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Email Marketing

Email marketing software built right into your website Our website platform delivers email campaigns effortlessly and reports on the results, saving you the hassle of using third party software and migrating contacts between systems.

The online world just got a whole lot simpler - small businesses can now get access to cutting edge technology designed with your needs in mind. Gone is the need to use 3rd party solutions for your online marketing requirements. Instead, our online business solution has email marketing built right into the heart of the solution. 

Use our emailer to send regular campaigns to your customer lists, or to send individuals automated, set and forget anniversary or birthday emails and watch your business grow. You are no longer limited by technology. 

Whether you want to take a hands on approach to email marketing or want this aspect of your business managed for you, 1stbydesign can help. Since our email marketing software comes built into our platform and you are free to create, schedule and send your own emails campaigns. Alternatively, if you would like a quote on a completely managed service then please connect with us directly.  

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At Fernandos Restaurant uses our solution to send automated birthday wishes to their database members. To date, this strategy has created a 10% response rate and so for every 100 mails sent, At Fernandos receives 10 bookings some of which are for large parties.

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