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I don't think my website is really working as well as it could be. And I don't know how to find out how to improve it

At 1st By Design, our first job is to analyse your existing website and online marketing to find the holes. Think of your website like a bucket filled with water - if there's holes in the bucket, the water will keep pouring out. 

In this analogy, the water is money - money that isn't reaching your business when it really should be.  

Realise also, we've got to start at your website so our advice is get this right before you start throwing money at traffic generation strategies like SEO and PPC (pay per click). 

If you are really concerned about your website, then take up our free offer of a free strategy session. Before we talk on the phone, we'll have conducted a thorough audit of your site and your competition to see where the easy wins are, and to properly advise you on a solid online marketing strategy going forward. 

I am completely confused on what to do to promote my business online.

During our time in business we have heard this from many of our clients. While in the past all you had to do was place an advert in the paper, times have certainly moved on from there. And for the better I say. However, with so many options now on the table, it's hard to know which way to turn. 

That's exactly why we exist. It's our job to be experts in online marketing and design so you look great in front of potential customers, and those very same people get converted into paying customers. Once they're at your door, then it's your turn to take the reins. Of course, we can also help you with strategies to keep these people coming back to your business as well. 

I don't like my website design - it just doesn't look right 

I feel your pain - but chances are, if you don't like your website, your potential customers are probably getting the same vibe. Question is - how much business are you actually losing because your online presence doesn't measure up? 

While this is hard to measure, there are certain things that can be checked to see where your website and online marketing sits in relation to your competition and also in relation to the ideal, perfect scenario.  

I've lost contact with my web developer and can't update my site. 

We here this problem again and again. An out of date website is a no no, whether you have access to it or not. And it doesn't stop at your website - your social media sites, directory sites and any other online content must remind fresh, up-to-date and accurate. 

For example, if a restaurant decides to open on Mondays but that change isn't reflected online, anyone checking out your presence online will immediately rule you out if they are looking for a place to dine on a Monday!  

If you've lost contact with your web developer, or just feel they don't have the knowledge needed to help you grow your business, then 1st By Design can help.  

I trained a staff member to do my online marketing but now they have left. 

This is an extremely frustrating experience, and potentially damaging to your business. When key members of your team leave unexpectedly, they often leave things in a real mess. Rarely are there comprehensive notes on what was and was going to be done. A lack of a online marketing road map or strategy document can take months to recover from. 

Think of 1st By Design as your marketing department, only one that doesn't go on holiday or leave altogether. Having a consistent partner over time means your marketing is consistent and always optimised and conversion focused.  

My site doesn't work on mobile. 

Umm - not too sure how to say this politely, but it's time to get out of your own way and fix this. 

How much is this really costing your business? Well, I can tell you in lost traffic - between 30% and 70% of your traffic to your site will be from mobile devices. If your website isn't mobilised, then research shows us that visitors just click away from your site. 

In effect, you are telling you potential (and current) customers that you don't care enough about them to make communicating with your business easy. That's quite an insult I have to say. 

But on top of this, Google will penalise you for not having a mobile website. Your rankings will drop as a result but Google focuses on providing a quality browsing experience to their users. If your site isn't mobile, that equates to a poor quality experience so Google will drop you down in the rankings. 

Mobile phones have been around long enough now - time to get your site mobile - just give us a call. 


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